Experience culture first hand. Start on cultural excursions through the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land.

Castle - chapel Breitenstein

he castle-chapel is located on a huge rock at 600m altitude, south-east of Koenigstein. The so-called double-chapel is the only roman chapel built on two floors in the whole Oberpfalz. The bottom part was used to hold the religious service for the servants, whereas the upper floor was reserved for the masters.

The chapel was consecrated to the most holy trinity and the holy Johannes Nepomuk. The chapel was the only remaining part of the whole castle.

A few fragments of the circular wall and of the pre-castle are the only remains from this once imposing castle. The chapel was fully renovated in 1973/74.


Air museum Amberg

On a surface of 650 m2, the Luftmuseum Amberg will teach you everything you need to know about the theme “air”. The museum is located in a beautiful building from the 14th century.

You can visit the “airpark” with the air-shower, the flying carpet, the organ-pipe, the air-globe, the shopping-bags- organ and many, many more curiosities.

You may also take part in lectures, guided tours and concerts. The ground level is used for temporary exhibitions about design, architecture, technology and quotidian art.


Shepherds Museum Hersbruck

The Hirtenmuseum Hersbruck was founded as far back as 1933 and it is the only museum specialized in the culture of shepherds from all parts of the world.

You can also visit houses from the 16th century listed as cultural heritage, and admire the tools, clothes and handicraft from that period.

The exhibition” Human-animal” invites you to experience the coexistence of farm animals and humans with all your senses. Temporary exhibitions as well as a large variety of programs for special activity days or birthdays are offered.


Freilandmuseum Goglhof

The Freilandmuseum is only 9 kms away from Königstein, and it is definitely worth a visit. The Goglhof was built in 1767 and it is used as a museum since 1991.

Thanks to careful renovation works, the owner Margarete Jaekel managed to restore the original farmhouse. The artful ornaments in the half-timbered gable are absolutely unique in the Oberpfalz.

Travel back in time and see for yourself how people were living in those old days.

Our excursion-tip:

We particularly recommend excursions to the Fränkische Schweiz.
The Fränkische Schweiz is part of the region Fränkische Alb, also called Frankenalb or Fraenkischer Jura or Frankenjura, and impresses with the amazing rock-formations and grottos, as well as the numerous castles and ruins, which make the area a big favorite for all those who enjoy a bit of culture. 
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