Family fun

One more reason to visit Königstein.

Outdoor- and natural pool Königstein

Not only tourists but also the locals from Königstein are fond of this outdoor pool with its natural source.

The kids splash about in the generous playing area, where small water streams, ponds and pebble banks invite for creative playing, making new friends or just being a child.

The large lawn is just perfect for sunbathing or chilling in the shade of the trees, but if you really need a bit of action, the beach-volley ball court is calling for an exciting game.

Amusement park Monte Kaolino

This family-oriented amusement park is one of the top hits in Bavaria. How much fun would it be to go snowboarding in the middle of the summer?

The sand skiing – and snowboarding hill is a real El Dorado for all board-addicts. Alternatively, enjoy a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool in a landscape of sand dunes.

Or what about climbing around in a rope-garden, or try your inline-skating skills, or the toboggan run? Your kids will have loads of fun in the adventure-playground with its climbing tower, the sand-pits and the toboggans.


Canoeing on the Pegnitz

Do you have the soul of an explorer and you like adventure? Then, canoeing on the Pegnitz is what you are looking for. The small, quiet river is winding through the romantic valley, and whether in a group or a club or with the whole family, the Pegnitz is perfect to practice your skills of paddling and controlling a canoe. The Vils and the Wisent are also ideal for canoeing.

We will be happy to give you more information and the contact addresses for canoe rental.

The game reserve Hufeisen

A walk through the 40 ha. game reserve Veldensteiner Forst will allow you to observe all kinds of local animal species in their natural environment. Follow the circular fence-free trail (about 1,5 km) and discover red deers, wild boars, mouflons, fallow deers, sika deers and roe deers. All along the trail, numerous information panels will teach you more about the forest and its inhabitants.

The forest playground with its hut and inviting playground equipment will delight the younger guests, and while they are running around, you can just relax on the picnic area or the benches inviting you for a small rest.


Rope- gardens

Rope- garden Betzenstein ( approx. 24 kms): you will have the choice between 11 trails of different levels, inviting you to climb over bridges, nets and tree-trunks, in a breathtaking rocky landscape overlooking the small town. Even guests with little sporty ambitions will find satisfaction, as there are trails for all levels.

Rope garden Hirschau (approximately 31 kms): The rope garden of Monte Kaolino offers trails for all levels.

Rope garden Pottenstein ( approx. 37 kms): Take on the challenge on the ropes at all levels!

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