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Massage in its broadest meaning is one of the oldest healing methods of humanity. In his manual, Franz Kirchberg puts it this way:

“ In the same way as every human will instinctively rub or press a swollen and painful part of his body in order to try and ease the pain, this instinctive gesture has certainly been used as a healing method in all times.”

Franz Kirchberg: Manual for massage and physiotherapy (1926)

Classical massages by Eberhard Wild:

Classic back massage

It has a soothing and relaxing effect

approx. 20 min.       € 25,-

 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 25,-
Aroma Oil Massage

Characteristic of Aroma oils are not only their fragrances, but also the specific characteristics and effects of the individual oils. You can get relaxing, balancing and refreshing and invigorating effect. Choose from the various oils from itself.

approx. 30 min.       € 40,-

approx. 60 min.       € 80,-

 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 40,-
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 80,-

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