A special challenge for climbers: the Fränkische Jura.
Live unforgettable days of climbing-experience in Königstein. The Frankenpfalz will offer you a quick access to the favorite climbing-tours of the region.
The variety of the outdoor climbing options in the Fränkische Jura is unlimited. 20 climbing-rocks with over 1000 tours will certainly challenge you more than once. Courage to overcome your fears, discipline and endurance will be required in those heights.

For our climbing-addicts, the following tours are a must:

  • The climbing trails of Breitenstein
  • The Rock of Steinberg
  • The recently opened “Locher Felsen”, with few footholds only, a challenge for more experienced climbers.

And in case the weather is really too unappealing, you can always practice your favorite hobby in the Indoor climbing area in Nürnberg.

The large hall, 850 m2 big and 17 m high, offers more than 100 different tours. The level of difficulty varies between 3 and 10 in order to satisfy beginners just as advanced climbers.

If you want to stay up in the air, several rope-gardens are waiting for your visit. Find your personal limits balancing over hanging bridges, nets and trees.

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