Wellness Prices

More rest - less downtime.
Facial Massage

A face massage can counteract headaches, migraines, as well as civil unrest. Used regularly it can cause you to feel more focused and balanced. A facial massage is relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

approx. 20 min.       € 25,-

Classic back massage

It has a soothing and relaxing effect

approx. 20 min.       € 25,-

Hot Stone

Through the soothing warmth of basalt stones combined with warm oil the massage has a relaxing effect on body and mind. The metabolism and detoxification is stimulated.

approx. 60 min.       € 72,-

Manually massage
Full massage

approx. 40 min.       € 40,-

Therapeutic Foot-Massage

Whether you are chronically ill or have an acute health problem, only degrade stress states or want to do something for your wellbeing. The reflexology treatment is completely safe, very relaxing, activates self-healing powers and is perceived as very pleasant.

approx. 40 min.       € 50,-

Manual Lymphdrainage

Is a special form of massage with systematic application and rhythmic order. It serves not only to relax, but also promotes the removal of lymphatic fluid from the body regions.

approx. 30 min.       € 35,-

approx. 60 min.       € 70,-

Revitalizing herbal treatment

Gentle skin treatment smoothing those first little wrinkles

approx. 90 min.       € 49,-

Vino Pur treatment
Pure nature- 100% efficiency

The skin elasticity is improved, skin damages caused by light are repaired and the cell renewal accelerated. Unwanted lines and wrinkles are erased and the elasticity of the connective tissue stimulated.

approx. 90 min.       € 59,-

Couperose treatment

The capillary blood vessels are strengthened and dilation is prevented.

approx. 90 min.       € 59,-

Anti-aging treatment

Highly efficient intensive treatment with immediate effect, Stimulation of the collagen synthesis Smooth, firm skin texture Visibly reduced wrinkles, even expression lines

approx. 90 min.       € 69,-

Oh man

Basic treatment for the man, to supply the skin with protective lipids.

approx. 90 min.       € 49,-


Treat yourself to a little extra which literally goes right “under the skin”. The ampoule treatment will result in a fresher and firmer skin texture.

approx. 5 min.       € 10,-

Spa – pedicure

Foot bath, cutting and polishing of the nails, removal of cuticles, cleansing of nail plate, removal of calluses, special care foot-cream

approx. 45 min.       € 25,-

With nail polish and top coat        € 27,-

Meridian foot massage

Foot bath with peeling and relaxing foot massage

      € 35,-

Spa- manicure- soft hands

Shaping nails, removal of cuticles, soft peeling, hand-and arm massage and massage with reconditioning cream

approx. 45 min.       € 35,-

With nail polish and top coat       € 37,-

For your eyes only
Coloration eyelashes with Hyaluron- gel pads € 13,-
Coloration eyelashes € 7,-
Coloration eyebrows  € 7,-
Eyebrow shaping € 5,-
Upper lip/ chin waxing € 5,-

Depilation with caramelized sugar is gentle method of hair-removal, which has been used by women of the oriental world for millenniums. Even recommended for people with allergies or extremely sensitive skin.

The prices above might be adapted according to hair growth.

Lower legs € 30,-
Full legs € 50,-
Bikini-line € 20,-
Chest € 40,-
Upper lip € 12,-
Face € 25,-
Back € 40,-
Arms € 25,-
Armpits € 20,-
Neck € 15,-
Chin € 15,-


Facial lymphatic drainage

Fights swellings in the face (Lachrymal sacs, swollen eyelids, migraine)

approx. 30 min.       € 30,-

Partial treatment legs

Against heavy, tired legs Anti-cellulite treatment (draining)

     € 30,-

Full body lymphatic drainage

approx. 90 min.       € 90,-

Back massage

approx. 20 min.       € 20,-

Aroma Oil Massage

Characteristic of Aroma oils are not only their fragrances, but also the specific characteristics and effects of the individual oils. You can get relaxing, balancing and refreshing and invigorating effect. Choose from the various oils from itself.

approx. 30 min.       € 40,-

approx. 60 min.       € 80,-

Hot Chocolate

Through the use of warm chocolate oil and soothing massageyou will experience a deep relaxation of a special kind.
Your skin will besilky smooth maintained by the special oil.

approx. 30 min.       € 42,-

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